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Free Lightroom Presets - Master Bundle (Mobile + Desktop)

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Welcome, my photography friend! Are you ready to take your pictures from 'Yea, it's good..' to 'Wow! This is perfect...'? Then dive into the world of creative editing with photographers from Presetum!

Introducing the Master Presets Bundle, a collection of three premium Lightroom presets designed to elevate your landscape, flower, and animal photography to the next level. Each preset is carefully crafted to enhance the unique beauty of these subjects, allowing you to achieve stunning results in a couple of seconds.

The Landscape preset will bring out the natural colors and details of your outdoor shots, giving your landscapes a breathtaking, cinematic quality. The Flower preset is designed to showcase the delicate details and vibrant hues of your floral subjects while creating a moody and dark atmosphere in your photos. And the Animal preset is perfect for capturing the majesty and spirit of wildlife, bringing out the rich textures and intricate patterns of fur and feathers.


  • 3 Free Lightroom Presets
  • For Lightroom Mobile, Desktop, Camera Raw
  • DNG. Format

Please note that you can change the intensity of the presets too, to fit your image more. Also, some these presets are generally on the darker side, but if they are too dark for your images, I suggest to play with the contrast/exposure/shadows/blacks to reach the desired look.

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Free Lightroom Presets - Master Bundle (Mobile + Desktop)

58 ratings
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